3D People Counter for Flow Management

Aug. 11, 2020
QORTEX SensorFusion delivers industry-leading people counting accuracy under any lighting conditions, unaffected by shadows.

QORTEX People Counter solution delivers over 98% accuracy from pitch dark or indoor to very bright lighting conditions in full sunlight. QORTEX People Counter provides superior detection accuracy compared to traditional camera-based solutions and, as an integral part of Quanergy’s Flow Management platform, it is ideal for outdoor smart space applications.


By accurately and anonymously capturing individual movements, QORTEX People Counter provides powerful insights about the flow and number of people in retail stores, public transportation centers, stadiums, venues, and more. 


Retail Management
Retail stores can now perform accurate counting of people to manage store capacity for social distancing. In addition, they are able to more easily determine employee staffing and resource management as well as increase conversion rate by accurately measuring crowd size and customer footfall. The latest version of QORTEX People Counter offers integration with Genetec Occupancy Management Package so retail can maintain maximum occupancy in their shops and businesses can manage shared workspaces occupancy.


Public Transportation
QORTEX People Counter automates the counting of passengers in public transportation to maintain maximum capacity for social distancing management. Its S3-2 CMOS solid-state sensor technology provides unmatched reliability in high vibration locations such as at the doors of trains, metros, and buses, enabling officials to more accurately count the number of people entering or exiting the vehicles thus helping provide safe rides.


Stadium & Outdoor Venues
QORTEX People Counter operates in any lighting conditions, both indoor and outdoor, so operations professionals can count large crowds while guaranteeing privacy, to control access to common areas, and benefit from more efficient staff resource management. 

Full Outdoor Operations 

  • The QORTEX People Counter provides unmatched and constant people counting accuracy irrespective of the environmental lighting conditions. The latest version allows smart spaces to use the solution indoors as well as outdoors at night or in very bright lighting conditions, up to 80,000 lux. Also, its performance is unaffected by shadows or other variable lighting conditions that impact the performance of traditional camera-systems, and therefore it provides highly accurate and reliable measurement throughout the day. 

Covering Openings of Virtually Any Width

  • The QORTEX SensorFusion functionality accurately fuses data from up to 8 sensors to cover openings and doors of virtually any width.  

Zero PII Risk

  • The patent-pending QORTEX People Counter’ sophisticated perception software doesn’t use facial recognition technology nor requires the storing of any Personally Identifiable Information, and therefore poses zero PII risk to protects individual privacy.

 Unmatched Reliability 

  • The QORTEX People Counter S3-2 CMOS solid-state sensor provides unique electronic beam steering without any moving parts, thus offering immunity to vibration and over 100,000 hours MTBF, or over 10 years.