Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) provider of solutions connecting construction and industrial worksites, today launched Intrinsically Safe (IS) variants of its market-leading IoT solutions to address the specific needs of the energy and hazardous industrial markets. The IS versions are available for the Spot-r network, which provides onsite visibility to improve worker safety and productivity.


Spot-r combines a powerful and reliable proprietary network, compact worker wearable devices, and an intuitive cloud-based dashboard to provide real-time, data-driven visibility into workers, equipment, and specific areas of interest to increase productivity and safety across facilities. Automated worker time and attendance, asset utilization and management, lone worker monitoring, and real-time location data improves resource allocation, worker safety and site risk.


Spot-r’s lightweight wearable sensor alerts safety personnel to slip, trip and fall incidents in real-time so workers can receive aid faster, and logs key data for insurers on when and where incidents occur. Additionally, Spot-r’s mobile dashboard provides visibility into worker location and site operations.


Spot-r operates on a closed mesh network that cuts through steel and concrete and automatically clocks workers on the jobsite. It includes low-footprint network hardware that is installed and maintained by Triax technicians; and wearable sensors that clip onto a worker’s belt, enabling them to receive and send safety alerts in real-time. The wearable system also has a one-year battery-life without charging. Aggregate historical hours enable companies to leverage data to increase productivity, estimate future project timeframes, and anticipate the number of workers required for more accurate bids.

  • Providing a direct line of communication for workers to report injuries, safety incidents, and hazards with our push-button functionality
  • Detecting worker free falls
  • Sounding an evacuation alarm in the event of an emergency
  • Identifying zone-based worker location, improving injury response time by over 90%
  • Automating time and attendance for a streamlined check-in/check out process