Green-Line high-performance jacketed tubing enables users to expand the working range of pumping systems. The tubing is constructed with enhanced polyamide material for improved toughness and less water absorption. The material’s high tensile strength leads to less stretch and higher break strength, for a longer useful life in deeper wells. The material also delivers reduced humidity absorption for longer service life, improved strength, and less weight gain over time. Green-Line is Underwriters Laboratory rated, meeting UL94 HB flame retardant specifications.


Green-Line Tubing is compatible with QED’s Easy Fitting Quick-release Connector for the AutoPump (Patent Pending), which is designed for severe duty downwell conditions at landfills and remediation sites. The Easy Fitting allows the AutoPump to be quickly disconnected from its tubing and hose sets, eliminating the need to cut the tubing. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, the Easy Fitting is designed to function well even with silt and solids present.


All dimensions of QED tube, hose, and fittings are carefully designed and controlled to ensure high flow capacity, easy assembly, high pullout strength, and leak-tight connections.