Sciemetric EDGE delivers a universal platform to control a variety of manufacturing and industrial processes. This distributed data analytics system removes barriers to continuous process monitoring, for productivity improvements and cost savings.


The platform consists of configurable modules and software. A module can fit in the palm of your hand and contains powerful onboard data processing and analytics capabilities. Sciemetric Studio software manages the discovery, applications, and deployment of the modules, while QualityWorX provides data storage and management.


A module’s compact size and design allow it to be just bolted onto a machine, without having to worry about cabinets or enclosures. It is also highly power-efficient, thanks to its low-power processor.


Sciemetric EDGE is ideal for condition and machine monitoring, data acquisition and measurement, discrete manufacturing, and process and batch manufacturing.


Sciemetric EDGE can make any sensor on a process or machine intelligent. Users gain the data-driven insight to monitor machinery, part/process quality, and equipment performance. This enables them to make the right decision, quickly, at the network edge, to maintain and improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.


Sciemetric EDGE is launching with three different 400-series modules and a carrier to meet the performance needs of a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications. For more information, go to

  • Easy to deploy, configure, and remotely manage
  • Able to support rapid development using standard and custom applications by task
  • Flexible and scalable by combining modular hardware with modular software
  • Universal, with one platform handling all monitoring and control needs
  • Equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for simplified power and communications over a single connection and reduced power consumption.