Portable, Anonymous AI Temperature Detector

June 13, 2020
Thingsfactory has developed an AI-enabled temperature detector weighs only 12 lb. and can be set up within 2 minutes.

TF-350, the first fully portable facial temperature sensor suitable for both gatherings and individuals, is designed for real-time performance and long-term reliability. It detects, analyzes, and classifies the facial temperature of humans in crowded, queued or individual situations, without hesitation and with an accuracy of 5 hundredths of a degree. Its fast scanning and built-in artificial intelligence software reduce temperature verification efforts by 95%, saving valuable time and increasing worker safety.


The device is fitted with an ultra-sensitive thermal micro camera and a processor with a processing capacity of 32 TOPS. The visualization and warning software, HeatUp!, features powerful artificial intelligence algorithms for visual recognition and temperature measurement. Its unique, portable, and powerful design is simple to use and offers a user-friendly interface for the operator.


Fully portable and rugged, the TF-350 comes in an ABS carrying case with accessories and cables and can be deployed by the operator in less than two minutes. It is an indispensable component for any post-COVID restart safety plan. The TF-350 can be deployed anywhere and is best suited for high traffic situations such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, factories, public places, events, professional sports, construction sites, airports, and retail stores.


For privacy reasons, the TF-350 does not store any personal data and meets the highest computer security standards for a detection device.


Currently in production, the TF-350 system will be available for pre-sale at http://www.thingsfactory.co/ from May 26, 2020, with deliveries to first-time buyers beginning in mid-June 2020.

  • Processes 9 images per second
  • Picks up temperature at the hottest point on the face
  • Does not keep any personal data
  • Has an integrated firewall
  • Works with IOS, Android and Google Chrome
  • Deploys anywhere in less than 2 minutes
  • No installation required

  • GPU Module
  • Thermal Camera Module
  • USB Camera cable
  • Pre-loaded HeatUp! software
  • 120/240V AC Adapter
  • Tabletop tripod
  • Quick install guide
  • Activation key card
  • LTE Cellular Support with Pre-Paid SIM (international)
  • ABS rugged transportation case
  • Full one (1) year warranty with online support and maintenance