Batch Mixers Prevent Cross-Contamination

June 5, 2020

Multiflux GMS mixers feature a proprietary, hygienic design as standard to promote fast, complete cleaning, ensure product purity, and minimize the risk of batch-to-batch cross-contamination. Devised to allow frequent recipe changes with less downtime and more confidence in their cleanliness than traditional mixers, the Multiflux GMS mixers boast an oversized entry door that seals the entire front of the mixer during operation then fully opens with no tools to invite safe, easy access to the internals for thorough cleaning of the mixing chamber. Full, unimpeded access to the discharge openings and inlet flanges plus sealed shafts help block bacterial growth and offer additional assurance of cleanliness.

Ideal for gently mixing food, dairy, grain, nutrition, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other products requiring sanitary processing, the hygienic Multiflux GMS mixers include stainless steel construction, continuously welded seams, and a range of surface finishes to meet FDA and GMP requirements. The batch mixers excel in combining multiple, high-value powders and/or liquids into a homogeneous mixture in 30 seconds, even with material quantities below 0.01%.

The durable mixers are offered in a choice of six models ranging in capacity from 36 to 1,320 gallons. Material testing using the mixers in full size is offered to verify performance in actual batch sizes.