High Precision Linear Guide Stages

June 20, 2020

Five single-axis positioning stages have been added to the AQ150 Series of linear stages. Available in travel lengths of 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1,000 mm, these stages are available with either a two-phase stepper motor or with a three-phase brushless motor with a quadrature incremental optical encoder.


Stepper Motor driven models feature a resolution of 2.1 microns (achieved with a 10 micro-steps per step stepper motor driver), additionally, the knob on the AQ150 Stepper Motor series (pictured) can be replaced with an optical encoder for position verification. For closed-loop operation, high precision, higher travel speeds, and greater throughput, the stepper motors are replaced with three-phase brushless servo motors and quadrature encoders.


The tables of each stage measure 150 x 150 mm and has a precision pattern of threaded holes for mounting fixtures or other tooling. These high precision low profile rail stages have top and side rail covers. Featuring a 5 mm per?turn, lead screw, these have a positional accuracy of 10 microns.


These low profile, aluminum, and black anodized stages can handle loads to 110.2 lb., and can also be ordered in an XY or XYZ configuration. These compact linear stages are easily integrated into new and existing systems and are available as complete plug-and-play systems including a single or multi-axis controller.