Prefabricated Electrical Assembly Solutions Save on Installation Time

Oct. 11, 2018

A line of custom electrical raceway solutions now includes five different “job-in-a-box” Prefabricated Device Assembly Solutions. Prefabricated device Assemblies range from basic assemblies to fully engineered systems, designed and packaged by room to reduce installation time by 60%.


By making 50% or more of the connections at the factory, Prefabricated Device Assemblies eliminate the need to cut branch circuit cabling and delays associated with waiting on the right components. The devices offer rapid installation of electrical receptacles, light switches, GFCI’s, and assemblies for wall and ceiling fixtures.


All components are assembled in a controlled environment to exacting standards, ready for installation upon delivery.


These solutions include: 

  • Basic Assembly: Box, bracket and ring with ground pigtail assembled
  • Assembly Required: Same as Basic Assembly plus devices are installed, pre-wired, taped and fitted with quick connect feature
  • Cable Ready: Same as Assembly Required plus assembly required device with the assembly terminated outside the box, eliminating the need to remove the mudring
  • Typical Assembly: Same as Assembly Required plus a specified length of cable prewired to assembly
  • Fully Engineered System: Provide our engineers with layout and specifications as well as all materials needed as a complete job-in-a-box solution 


Each assembly solution includes the right pre-assembled components packaged by room to eliminate wasted time searching for materials.