Save Space With Linear Stepper Motor

June 25, 2020

Nippon's smallest linear stepper motor, the PFL20 Linearstep is a highly efficient, high thrust, tin-can linear actuator with a 20 mm diameter and a bipolar winding.


PFL20 is RoHS-compliant, has a 30/60 mm effective stroke, and can reach 6 N of force at 200 pps. With 24 steps per revolution, the lead screw has a 1.2-mm thread pitch and also reaches 5V rated voltage, resistance of 33 Ohms/phase and inductance of 12mH/phase. 


The simple structure of Linearstep motors—just a threaded rotor hub and lead screw—helps to save space and reduce costs, due to fewer components needed compared to systems that convert rotary motion to linear. Linearstep motors are also easy to control and can be ordered with unipolar or bipolar windings and a variety of usable voltages. In addition to the 20 mm motor size, this motor is also available in 25 mm (captive or non-captive option) and 35 mm diameter sizes.