Apex Active Harmonic Power Filters

June 6, 2020

Apex Active Harmonic Filters include advanced features to ensure cost-effective power quality for variable frequency drive motors.


Active Filters are designed for dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Connected parallel to electrical loads, they sense distortion caused by non-linear loads and respond to cancel them out in real time. They save money by improving power quality, and increasing process reliability, and productivity while complying with power quality standards.


Acme's Apex line features state-of-the-art controllers built on a modern 3-level topology to provide a real-time response in canceling harmonic distortion. Higher efficiency, lower losses, and longer life are achieved compared to conventional 2-level Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter systems. This system also produces the lowest possible audible noise, perfect for use in spaces where silence is vital. 


The Apex line is designed for easy operation. Simplified commissioning is provided through a 7" touchscreen interface and built-in commissioning wizard. The filters automatically sense system voltage and frequency. Smart operation mode extends filter life by reducing operational losses when in low load conditions. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting are included. Compliance with all standard communication protocols is provided.


The compact modular design of the Apex Filter family allows for easy integration into VFDs or other cabinets. The standard module case provides NEMA1 protection. Modules with NEMA3 protection are also available. These filters can even be delivered in a stand-alone wall-mount design.


Four Apex models are available, offering 50-200 A normal current capacity. For industrial applications, Acme's Filters provide stable voltage for dynamic loads such as welding equipment and cranes. In commercial applications, they support switch-mode power supplies. For infrastructure applications, they are used for VFDs that support fans, compressors, and other heavy loads.