High-Torque, Low-Speed Dynamometers

June 5, 2020

Force Control dynamometers featuring Positorq Oil Shear Load Brakes absorb extreme torque at very low speed (down to zero rpm) so that they can accurately capture data at these critical junctures when dynos equipped with traditional load brakes cannot. Oil shear technology can provide instant load spikes and static lock-up of up to 3-times the continuous load rating. High cycle counts (up to 300 torque changes per minute) allow tests with a hammering effect on the tested product. Quick, controllable response allows virtually unlimited test capabilities, while their extremely quiet operation allows gearbox, transmission, or final drive noise testing. High-torque, low-speed testing is commonly used for testing life cycles, shock loading, overall machine life/performance, and more for snowmobiles, forklifts, 2-wheel/4-wheel/6-wheel drive tractors or tracked vehicles, commercial truck axles, helicopter transmissions, gun turrets, winches, hoists, and more.


Proven oil shear technology eliminates wear for service free endurance testing. A variety of sizes and arrangements for shaft mounting, flange mounting, coupled, and vertical/horizontal mounting. Units can be supplied with torque arm and load cell, all controls for the cooling system, and actuation.