Pulse Wrench Detects Fastening Abnormalities

May 22, 2020

The cordless Yokota YZ-T Battery Shutoff Tool quickly reaches the set target value and delivers precise, high-speed fastening with exceptional ergonomics, reactionless technology, and quiet operation. Manufacturers in the motor vehicle, general assembly, aerospace, recreational vehicle, and white goods industries can improve takt time and operator safety with the Yokota YZ-T. 


A sealed hydraulic pulse unit reduces the torque reaction from the tool while in use and the high-speed brushless motor produces minimal vibration and noise levels. The Yokota YZ-T is lightweight at 3.5 lb. and weight is evenly balanced to reduce operator fatigue throughout the workday. Operators on the assembly line can use the tool with only one hand while being able to fit it into tight spaces due to its compact size.


The Yokota YZ-T electronic shut-off mechanism provides precision tightening results and detects when the tool reaches the set target value and automatically shuts off the tool. The visual and audible indicators on the tool provide operators feedback of tightening abnormalities results during fastening.


The YZT’s motor delivers 4,800 RPM of free speed. The available torque ranges are 7-60 Nm on a hard joint. The YZ-T offers configurations with a 3/8" square or 1/4" quick-change output drive.


  • The sealed hydraulic pulse unit prevents oil mist from entering the atmosphere
  • The cordless design reduces trip hazards from cords and eliminates the need for compressed air
  • Manufacturers can program the YZ-T using the available programming console and cable for precision tightening results 
  • Manufacturers can view the data from the YZ-T via the PC-1 controller