Adjustable Eyewear Kit Inserts

May 15, 2020
Complete Eye Safety has designed an adjustable eyewear insert for respirators and gas masks.

Complete Eye Safety announces the design of fully adjustable prescription spectacle kit inserts for full-face respirators and gas masks. These inserts fit like the worker is wearing their own pair of prescription eyewear.


Working in conjunction with Trispec Eye Gear, Complete Eye Safety’s safety design enables the user to adjust the frame themselves for a better fit. Instead of the common practice of using an unfocused frame that sits inside the mask, the Trispec frame can be adjusted so it replicates the user’s personal eyeglasses.


The adjustable prescription spectacle kits are only available through Complete Eye Safety and Trispec Eye Gear. Combined, their experienced team manufactures and supplies Rx Spectacle Kit Inserts for 3M, 3M Scott, MSA, North, Avon, Drager, and others. They offer many new styles for older, original inserts.