Explosion-Proof Continuous Processor

April 29, 2020

Extending the line of continuous processors, the explosion-proof SC Processor features a hazardous location motor that meets National Electrical Code standards for processing Class I, Division II hazardous materials set within a durable, steel frame design. The latest SCP was developed to promote safe, efficient heat transfer when processing flammable or explosive solvents, paints, waste products, and other dangerous materials.


Ideal for solvent removal and recovery, degassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and reacting raw chemicals and ingredients that are impractical to transport over the road, the explosion-proof SCP automatically transforms liquids, slurries, and/or wet cake into dry powders or high viscosity liquids/pastes in a single step. The proprietary heat transfer system circulates a heating or cooling medium through twin screws that counter-rotate inside a barrel to create a consistent material flow that discharges a homogeneous end product as targeted and performs 24/7 in unattended operation.


The SC Processors for hazardous materials are custom-engineered to suit each installation based on testing performed at the company's testing laboratory using customer materials and formulations to verify performance. The continuous systems are delivered assembled, fully tested, and ready for operation.