The latest models in the G-Force and Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Device line, the Q2 and iQ2, offer easy customization via the Smart Connector User Interface while leveraging data and communication. The units feature virtual limits, anti-drop functionality for tooling control, and fault code history log, plus blazing speeds and precision placement.

  • More user friendly – Users no longer need to rely on the handle menu to program their G-Force or Easy Arm. Every unit comes standard with a computer-based visualization so users can configure their unit from a PC or tablet.
  • Smarter Q2 unit – The new Q2 model has more customizable handle-based IO options, making it capable of tackling a wider range of applications than its predecessor, the Q unit.
  • Less need for custom programming – Gorbel added user configurable IO points on the iQ2 model to limit the need for costly custom programming
  • Wireless option – Both units offer built-in wireless connectivity so users can service and troubleshoot their units without the need for Ethernet or USB (though Ethernet and USB cables are still available)
  • More global appeal – The handle and visualization user interfaces are now available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
  • IoT capable – Both the Q2 and iQ2 units have available G-Link Smart Connect, which will enable G-Force and Easy Arm units to transmit data locally or anywhere with internet access, allowing users to set parameters and view vital data remotely from their desktop, laptop, or tablet.