AR Platform for Enterprises Offers Vertical Solution

April 8, 2020
REFLEKT ONE, the operating system for enterprise AR, lets companies benefit from vertical-specific solutions solving industry problems with AR.

REFLEKT ONE, the Operating System for Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR), lets companies and ecosystem partners benefit from vertical-specific solutions solving industry problems with AR.


The Operating System for Enterprise AR is platform, device, and tracking agnostic and integrates with leading Industry software such as Siemens PLM Teamcenter and Cortona Rapid Manual. It is built with REFLEKT ONE, the solid AR platform used in 100+ implementations and global roll-outs.


Manufacturers in the various sectors—Automotive, Transportation, Machinery, Medical, Utilities—are facing different challenges in maintenance, operations, and training of machinery and equipment. One-size-fits-all is not the solution. The solution is to solve industry-specific problems with a modular future-proof approach.


Most existing AR software does not provide vertical-specific applications or let its enterprises and system integrators build their own solutions. Vendor-focused, closed ecosystems bind companies to one software system without the ability to integrate existing or future enterprise software. For the first time, enterprises have the option to choose the future-proof way. The REFLEKT ONE Operating System for Enterprise AR democratizes the use of vertical-specific solutions.


Companies, as well as ecosystem partners, can choose the ideal solution—instant start with REFLEKT ONE Essentials, vertical-specific solution, or building its own solution.