Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

April 14, 2020
Trafimet Group provides new technology granting total eye protection for the welding operator.

T-LINK System is the new technology granting total eye protection for the welding operator.


The innovative eye protection system for welders, T-LINK represents a new frontier for the safety of the welder and guarantees total eye protection during welding. The T-LINK system is based on the continuous communication between the welding torch and the auto-darkening mask, which is handled with Bluetooth technology. When the trigger is pulled, a Bluetooth signal is sent to the LCD screen filter, which responds by getting dark a moment before the arc is activated.


In carpentry or shipyard welding, it may occur that a structure element inadvertently covers the filter sensors. This causes the filter opening and the resulting irradiation in the operator’s eyes. T-LINK, on the contrary, ensures the filter remains obscured to guarantee total safety for the welder.


The “STANDBY TIME” is a feature that allows the system to adapt perfectly to the different MIG / MAG and TIG welding modes, 2 and 4 stroke and in general, to all the parameters set on the generator, such as the ascent ramp time, pregas time, and all other settings that may delay the passage of current. Thanks to this feature, once the torch button is pressed, the filter becomes obscured and remains obscured for the set standby time, regardless of the current passage.