Carbon Black for Thermoplastics

March 30, 2020

Specialty Carbon Black PRINTEX kappa 70 BEADS are specifically geared for thermoplastics requiring conductivity and anti-static properties. Universally conductive, PRINTEX kappa 70 BEADS excel in almost all conductive plastic compounding processes and end-use applications.


Suitable in polypropylene, polycarbonate and its alloys, a broad range of engineering polymers, polyolefins, styrenics, polyvinyl chloride, other significant polymer types, PRINTEX kappa 70 BEADS impart excellent dispersion quality, compound melt flow, and mechanical strength. This conductive black enables thermoplastic compounders to attain target conductivities at low carbon black concentrations and allows converters to realize an excellent balance of conductivity and mechanical properties for their applications.


PRINTEX kappa 70 BEADS are ideally suited for plastic auto body parts that require conductivity to ensure trouble-free, electrostatic spray coating. This conductive black is also suited for injection-molded parts such as fuel canisters, electronics carrier boxes, electronics housings, and heat-aging trays, and for extruded conductive pipes, profiles and packaging films.



PRINTEX zeta A BEADS are designed for use in PE 100 and PE 4710 pipe for gas and water distribution in the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific region. The high chemical purity, a very low sulfur level, and the physical cleanliness of PRINTEX zeta A BEADS minimize taste and odor effects. Low compound moisture absorption and excellent microscopic dispersion performance ensure a smooth, defect-free pipe that meets potable water pipe standards. In addition, PRINTEX zeta A BEADS provide superb UV protection for long-term stability.


This UV resistance, combined with excellent dispersion attributes, make PRINTEX zeta A BEADS an excellent option in outdoor, engineered-polymer applications such as electrical and electronic housings, air conditioning and generator pads, and utility vehicles.