The IR-Pad 640P is an all-in-one system that allows for complete inspection and reporting using a single device. At the heart of the 640P is an 8640P infrared camera, offering unmatched image quality and radiometric accuracy in a device measuring less than 5 in3. Data is streamed in real-time to the integrated tablet making it a powerful IR imaging and diagnostic tool. Both seasoned and amateur inspectors can export images and videos to create various types of mosaics for an array of applications.


Featuring dual temperature ranges, the IR-Pad 640 Industrial uses a customized 8640 P-Series USB / UAV Infrared Camera to capture all thermal images and store them on a 2 GB hard drive.

  • IR Camera + Tablet System
  • Unparalleled Image Resolution
  • Dual Temperature Range
  • Widescreen Viewing
  • Rugged Tablet Protection
  • IR Flash Pro Software included
  • Bluetooth Connectability
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Adjustable Neckstrap and Stand
  • Portable