MARK Display Wearable Barcode Scanner

March 20, 2020
ProGlove combines the need for real-time, easy-access, cloud-connected data with its featherlight, fast, and accurate wearable scanning devices.

Bringing essential information right where front-line workers in the supply chain need it most: the back of the hand. MARK Display untethers workers from paper, from hand-held devices, and from static work-stations while keeping crucial information with workers at all times.


The ample display on the matchbox-sized multifunctional scanner makes it easy and effortless for employees to obtain important information needed to complete their assignments quickly and with fewer errors. The wearable scanner is optimized for businesses building future-proof supply chain processes and creating a well-equipped workforce.


Along with the high contrast, non-reflective display, MARK Display's acoustic and haptic feedback guides workers through their processes saving up to 6 sec/scan and reducing error rates by up to 33%.  MARK Display is IT-friendly, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)i enabled, cloud-connected, and allows customers to see immediate results across the business supply chain. MARK Display manages up to 6,000 scans per battery charge and recharges completely in less than two hours.


The display is a freely configurable 1.54-in. e-paper display and weighs only about 48 grams. The device can display up to 40 characters per line and can also be freely adjusted in terms of orientation (portrait or landscape). Extremely rugged and declared safe for 500 tumbles from 3 ft (1 m),  the scanner processes 1D and 2D as well as postal barcodes and can be integrated into the company network via BLE.


MARK Display is offered in two different versions: mid-range and standard range.

  • The standard range works in distances from 6 in. to 3 ft (10 to 80 cm), providing fast near-field scanning.
  • The mid-range version works in distances from 1 to 5 ft (30 cm to 1.5 m) for applications with different scan distances.
  • 6,000 scans/charge
  • 6 sec/scan
  • 48 g
  • Haptic and audible feedback


  • Android
  • Hostless
  • Windows
  • iOS


  • 200 x 200-pixel e-paper display
  • BLE connection
  • 500 tumbles from 3 ft (1 m)
  • IP 54
  • 1.54-in. high-contrast, non-reflective e-paper display
  • Autoscale – up to 40 characters per line
  • Customizable screen orientation
  • Fully configurable within layouts