Versatile Clamping Force Tester

March 20, 2020
With the clamping force tester IFT from SCHUNK, the clamping force of 2, 3 and 6-jaw chucks can be conveniently determined.

What does the tire pressure of a car and the clamping force of a lathe chuck have in common? Both should be checked regularly to ensure the maximum process safety and efficiency in daily use. The versatile clamping force tester IFT is particularly designed for this purpose.


It can be used on 2, 3 and 6-jaw chucks up to 6,000 RPM regardless of the chuck manufacturer, and at a maximum clamping force of 90 kN per jaw. Using adjustable measuring extensions, it is possible to vary the clamping diameter between 72, 88, and 108 mm. The data evaluation is done with wireless data transfer via app on a tablet computer or other end devices. The battery service life of the measuring head is more than 90 minutes, and it takes less than three minutes to recharge.


The clamping force tester can be used for static measurement as well as for determining the loss of clamping force under-speed, or for individual adjustment of the required initial clamping force for the respective machining operation. SCHUNK recommends regularly checking the clamping force at the beginning of a serial operation, and also between the maintenance intervals again and again. It is the regular verification that ensures optimum safety. Where possible, the operator should measure the clamping force in the same condition as he will later apply the lathe chuck in the individual clamping situation. If for instance top jaws with clamping steps are used, the operator should measure the clamping force on the same jaw step as he will clamp the workpiece later. If the measurement indicates that the clamping force is below the target value, SCHUNK recommends that the operator intervenes immediately to ensure the safety of the ongoing operation.