Efficient, Robot-Based Item Picking

April 2, 2020

With rapid robotic picking, improved product recognition and multiple gripping modes that adapt to different products and sizes, ItemPiQ makes robotics an option in more places than ever. And when integrated with the AutoStore robotic storage and retrieval system, it’s a solution that creates a fully automated goods-to-robot system designed to shorten both pick times and ROI.


At the core of the ItemPiQ solution is a KUKA 6-axis lightweight robot that works with extreme precision, even in tight spaces, with the robotic arm extending up to 43 in. to reach into bins containing individual items. The vision system, consisting of a 3D camera and smart image recognition software, quickly and reliably identifies the optimal gripping points of the items to be picked and instructs the robot arm’s multi-function gripper.


With ItemPiQ, item picking for e-commerce, retail and pharmaceuticals can be fulfilled rapidly and accurately. The robot cell is designed to handle repeated piece picking, error-free. The robot is operational 24/7 and can pick and place products from a source into a target bin or carton. Thanks to robot-based order picking, operating costs can be reduced in the long term and staff shortages overcome.


ItemPiQ’s intelligent vision system recognizes and picks a large variety of items. It identifies the grip points of unknown articles, greatly simplifying the learning process. Thanks to its multi-function gripper, the robot can handle a wide variety of common products in retail, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries weighing up to 1.5 kg. Depending on size, weight, product-to-robot system and storage method, ItemPiQ can pick up to 1,000 items per hour.


When linked to the compact, cube-based AutoStore warehouse storage and retrieval system via the standard interface, ItemPiQ augments scarce human labor in picking operations to extend greater productivity. As the world's leading integrator of AutoStore with over 160 successful installations, Swisslog provides both its current and new customers rapid and easy entrance into the world of fully automated single-item picking.