Professional 3D Printer

April 4, 2020

The F410 professional 3D printer features an enclosed print chamber and interchangeable print heads to enable users to produce large parts using high-temperature materials, at a desired speed and print quality, while maintaining class-leading accuracy.


Each printhead prints a wide variety of engineering-grade materials at different speeds and quality settings optimized for the customer’s desired quality and production time.


The 2.0 Extruder provides two different filament features: one for cleaning and one for monitoring. The filament cleaning feature reduces the chance of clogging by capturing any dust or contamination on the surface of the filament before it enters the print system. The filament monitoring feature allows users to resume prints if they run out of filament or encounter a printing jam.


The F410’s touchscreen interface provides intuitive controls for first-time users while maintaining advanced features that professional customers require. The onboard network interface allows customers to remotely manage their 3D printers through a secure, web-based interface.