Wood Filler Delivers High-End Fixes

March 6, 2020
DAP's wood filler protects and rejuvenates wood surfaces.

Signs of wear and tear like nicks, chips, and holes can take away from the natural beauty of many wood products—such as cabinetry, trim and custom furniture. DAP Premium Wood Filler with Chameleon Technology is an easy-to-use solution to protect and rejuvenate wood surfaces. Professionals and savvy DIYers can not only repair interior and exterior wood surfaces but can also add a touch of customization to any woodworking project.


The 3-in-1 filler and sealer from DAP offers contractors, woodworkers, heavy DIYers, as well as hobby and craft enthusiasts the option to utilize it as a wood filler, grain filler or sealer coat. The unique water-based formula features Chameleon Technology, allowing users to mix stains or pigments directly into the wet state for an exact custom color match, creating an invisible repair and making it easy to add a touch of color. Unlike other formulas, DAP Premium Wood Filler easily accepts all stains and pigments making it a perfect solution for any woodworking project.


DAP Premium Wood Filler is also ideal for grain filling applications, which allows you to thin slightly with water to fill natural wood pores leaving a smooth tabletop finish. The fast-drying formula has a two-hour dry time, is easy to clean up with water and low in odor. Plus, the filler accepts all types of topcoats and finishes once cured, for a strong and durable, long-lasting finish.