Kant-Twist Cantilever Clamps have added several Hi-Vis models to aid Foreign Object Detection (FOD) initiatives with tools.


Typically used in a variety of clamping applications, the Kant-Twist's innovative, cantilever design and free-floating jaws offer several advantages over standard C-clamps by eliminating the typical distorting and twisting of work-pieces when clamping and easily adjusting to uneven surfaces.


The new, bright orange and yellow models offer high visibility, making them easy to spot and difficult to leave behind in crowded or sensitive work areas. The Hi-Vis line is especially suited for use in FOD control areas, such as engine maintenance, where forgotten tools could cause major equipment damage and hazardous conditions.


Both Hi-Vis clamp colors are available in 2-1/2”, 4-1/2” and 6” copper-plated jaw sizes, and with or without a weaver grip handle.