2020 Guide to Metal 3D Printers

March 7, 2020
How to find the right metal 3D printer for your business.

Make your manufacturing and product development operations run more efficiently with metal 3D printing.


Metal 3D printing introduces a unique and groundbreaking method to additively manufacture metal parts. Until recently, the technology was too immature to broadly utilize in manufacturing—however, advancement in the last five years has transformed metal 3D printing into a scalable, robust solution. Implementing this technology effectively can transform your business.


Due to its newness and the excitement surrounding it, metal 3D printing is a complex field with many misconceptions and a wide variety of technologies. In this guide, we’ll help you cut through the noise by detailing why metal 3D printing is valuable, what technologies and materials are out there, and how you can take the first steps in adopting metal 3D printing in your own facility.


In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The business benefits and technical advantages of using metal 3D printers.
  • Types of printers and groups of printable materials available today.
  • The four key application spaces of metal 3D printing.
  • How to calculate ROI for a metal 3D printer, both financially and through process improvement.
  • Three ways to adapt your business to be successful with metal 3D printers.