Drive Engineering Efficiency with Automatic Dashboard Generator

Jan. 16, 2020
Beckhoff's analytics software generates an entire HTML5-enabled analytics dashboard based on the PLC code.

To reduce the once time-consuming process of dashboard creation down to a simple mouse click, Beckhoff has introduced the TwinCAT Analytics One-Click Dashboard. When tailoring new data-driven services to individual customer requirements, machine builders, and system integrators need solutions that are as cost-effective as possible. TwinCAT Analytics supports this kind of Engineering 4.0 approach with the time-saving One-Click Dashboard.


The automated functionality in TwinCAT Analytics to convert analysis configurations into executable PLC code also includes dashboard generation. With One-Click Dashboard, all it takes for users is a simple mouse click to generate an entire HTML5-enabled analytics dashboard based on the PLC code that is then loaded into a selected Analytics Runtime container. When the process completes, users receive a network address that they can use to access the dashboard in a web browser. This ability to generate dashboards without the need to design graphics or write a single line of code is a huge time-saver in engineering processes.


Based on TwinCAT 3 HMI, the new functionality provides at least one HMI Control for every TwinCAT Analytics algorithm, each with an up-to-date tile design that follows the latest web development standards. The controls contained in a dashboard can be selected individually in an algorithm’s properties with the aid of a control preview. Users can also combine multiple algorithms within an individual HMI Control.