The soft seat relief valve is designed to protect liquid and gas tubing systems from over-pressure damage and failure. These relief valves are available in pressure ranges from 1,500 to 25,000 psi for 9/16-in. O.D. tubing with adapters for other sizes available. Outlet connections are 1/2-in. NPT. The soft seat valve design provides a bubble-tight seal ideal for venting gas and can be reseated.


HiP relief valves are factory set to the designated pressure and tagged accordingly. They feature 316 stainless steel bodies and removable seat glands with 17-4PH stem and seal ring for standard applications. Nitronic 50 stem and seal rings are required for hydrogen service. The soft seat material is Peek. These valves have orifice sizes of 3/8 and 1/8 in. and may be used up to 400°F with standard Viton O-ring or 450°F with a Kalrez O-ring option.