Continuous Processors

Jan. 22, 2020

Continuous Processors feature removable shafts that allow the entire screw and paddle assembly to be quickly and easily removed from the barrel. Permitting safe, 360-deg. access to the screws and paddles, the removable shafts promote complete cleaning and invite thorough inspection to help safeguard against cross-contamination without requiring any significant disassembly. Devised to support food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary processors, the proprietary shaft design speeds product changeovers for reduced line downtime, often making processing multiple products on a single Continuous Processor both feasible and economically viable.


The removable shafts are included as standard on the company's Continuous Processors, which automatically combine multiple liquids, powdered and viscous materials into a uniform, homogeneous product in a single step. A modern upgrade versus batch processing, the Readco continuous systems are custom-engineered for each installation based on product testing performed at the company's on-site testing laboratory to verify performance with guaranteed results.