Hygenic Lump Breakers

Jan. 21, 2020

The Nibbler line of lump breakers offers optional hygienic designs for installation in sanitary processing facilities. Developed to offer the company's proprietary size reduction technology in models that comply with FDA requirements, the hygienic lump breakers feature a novel shaft assembly that allows the entire basket, screen, and front end to be quickly removed and fully accessed for complete cleaning, thorough inspections, and easy maintenance. The Nibbler deagglomerators include woven wire screens in 316 stainless steel, continuously welded seams throughout, and polished internals to virtually eliminate the potential to harbor product or bacteria.


Proven in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and other sanitary processes, the hygienic Nibbler reduces agglomerates, granules and lumps down to 1 mm via attrition milling using a low speed, high-torque, rotating paddle assembly that cuts the material without damaging the product or generating excessive fine particles. A choice of screen sizes ensures the powders meet the required particle size. The hygienic Nibbler line comprises seven standard models and may be custom-engineered to accommodate nearly any process specifications, including installation in hazardous environments requiring ATEX certification.