The Prism Compact air filtration system for welding and cutting applications. The Prism Compact system introduces a compact design and quiet operation while delivering quick and easy installation and maintenance to help promote a safe and healthy work environment.


The Prism Compact’s design enables the user to position the unit directly next to a cutting table or robotic cell. Available in indoor and outdoor configurations, the system sits at a lower height configuration to fit comfortably and efficiently into smaller spaces.


Additionally, the system ships without a pallet and assembles without the need for a crane. Lincoln Electric’s Smart Connect™ technology produces quick and seamless wire connections. The circuitry enables the operator to connect a variety of functions: power, compressed air and duct sensor for fan speed control.


The Prism Compact operates quietly, thanks to a silencer and sound-deadening materials that dramatically reduce airflow noise. The variable frequency drive (VFD) adjusts fan speed and extraction airflow to the volume of air moving through the system in a given application, while intelligent fan control technology helps maximize fume extraction, conserve energy and extend equipment life.


Maintenance is simple with the Prism Compact. The unit’s automatic cleaning process is initiated once the pre-set pressure differential has been reached. The vertical filter orientation allows for easier and more efficient cleaning, and particulate matter is collected in a 20-gallon dustbin.