Automated Neck Bander

Feb. 7, 2020

The automated Pharmafill NB1, Series II neck bander now accommodates shrink bands and full sleeve labels ranging from .79 to 10 in. in length. Extending the available band length by more than 50%, the NB1 neck bander enables packaging professionals to automatically apply tamper-evident neckbands to a wider variety of glass and plastic bottles, jars, vials, dropper bottles, metal tins and other containers in a wider range of sizes and shapes on the same, versatile neck banding machine. The latest model works with all heat-shrinkable banding materials from 25 to 123 mm in width applied over caps ranging from 14 to 76 mm in diameter and comfortably operates at speeds up to 100 bottles per minute.


Ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, cannabis, and other companies requiring tamper-evident protection, the Pharmafill NB1 neck bander comes with a proprietary touch-screen HMI as standard for easy, repeatable adjustments plus a full-access interior for easy rollstock replacement. Changeovers move quickly with one person without tools.