The high-speed card edge FX27 Series connector allows for varying board stack heights by simply changing the length of the printed circuit board (PCB) interposer, eliminating the need for different height connectors.


Additionally, the FX27 Series features an increased XY axis floating range compared to previous high-speed FunctionMax family connectors. Now supporting a floating range of ±1.2 mm in both the X and Y directions, the FX27 Series board-to-board connector absorbs stress from misalignment while tightening screws and PCB shrinkage caused by high temperatures


The FX27 Series high-speed card edge connector also has a wide self-alignment range of ±0.7 mm in both the X and Y directions. The floating contact and self-alignment design ease the assembly process providing time and cost savings – especially when mating multiple connectors on the same board.


Supporting PCI Express Gen 1 interface standard, the FX27 Series offers data transmission speeds up to 2.5Gbps. When used as a stacking connector, the FX27 Series stacking height, wiring, and component mounting are customizable. A conductor to transmit power with flexible height adjustment is also available.

The board-to-board connector’s double beam contact design offers self-cleaning functionality. The first beam eliminates dust from the contact path, securing an ultra-reliable contact path for the second beam. The contacts on both receptacles are enclosed in a housing, which provides advanced protection against dust. This feature also reduces the risk of dust adhesion due to solder waste and flux during the mounting process.


The FX27 Series operates in environments from -55 to 105°C, including the temperature rising by current flow and delivers a 0.5 Amp current per pin capacity. The recommended PCB layout is 60 positions for mounting, interposer, and cut out designs.