Composite Backshell Connector

Jan. 22, 2020

The One Arm Composite Backshell is specifically designed to offer robust and unique performance in terms of reliability and functionality for defense, aerospace, and other harsh environment applications. Our design team took into consideration different scenarios and needs for protecting cable connections from damage and providing better strain relief. The One Arm backshell family comes in 3 types of configurations, Straight, 45°, and 90°. It is designed to satisfy requirements for all sizes of MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, and III connectors. The One Arm does not only provide unique support and strain relief to open wire bundles, but it also offers a reliable grounding option with its solderable ground lug. Due to its flexibility, this new product can also support different plating combinations to suit the needs required for specific applications.


The One Arm is also designed to be economically cost-effective but highly reliable, with high-grade thermoplastic materials intended for critical applications and environments, especially on military and commercial EWIS applications that require weight per part savings, corrosion resistance, and electromagnetic interference protection.


The One Arm has many advantages compared to its die casted metallic counterpart. The composite families use high grade engineered thermoplastic and are not prone to electromagnetic disturbance, »stealth ability», and are stronger in terms of vibrations due to less harmonic resonance because of the weight reduction (40% lesser compared to Aluminum). The weight savings of the backshell will have a positive impact on the total weight of the electrical system and contribute to fuel savings and a lighter environmental footprint per aircraft.


The development of One Arm technology also provides the benefits of detent self-locking, a ratcheting coupling ring using non-corrosive clips located within. The audible ratcheting noise during the installation process guarantees correct engagement.