Compact Signal Generator

Feb. 6, 2020

Triarchy Technologies' VSG2G5C RF Vector Signal Generator, a cost-effective pocketable USB-connected RF signal source with capabilities that provide standalone and PC-controlled functions comparable to full-size analog RF signal generators. Offering frequencies from 100Hz to 1MHz (low-band) and 100MHz to 2.5GHz (RF Band) with a frequency resolution of 1Hz, this handy unit's features include frequency sweep, frequency hopping using I&Q modulation, and arbitrary signal generation.


This compact signal source can generate most of the modulated signals that RF engineers might need. The VSG2G5C's many test functions can be customized to meet the needs of proprietary and other nonstandard wireless protocols. The compact design makes it ideal for field test situations since it can be conveniently added to a field service kit and configured to operate standalone without any connected PC - just a 5V USB source or battery pack. The VSG2G5C RF Vector Signal Generator can also operate within automated test system designs as a signal source module, simulating many different RF systems for analysis.


With output levels up to 15dBm, signals can be delivered in CW, sweeping, and hopping modes. The unit features a built-in pulse generator for creating pulse modulation. The built-in arbitrary function generator adds the ability to generate a wide range of modulation modes, such as I&Q modulation, AM, PM, FM analog, FSK, ASK, BPSK, MSK, GMSK, SFSK, as well as digital modulation schemes such as QPSK, 4FSK, 8PSK, QAM, and phase modulation types. A reference clock input and output capability are provided.