EGOpro Safe Move Smart Collision Avoidance

March 16, 2022
The EGOpro Safe Move Smart from Advanced Microwave Engineering adapts to every environment.

Acting as a ‘sixth sense’ to avoid collisions, the EGOpro Safe Move Smart system is for both outdoor and indoor environments; it uses UWB technology that provides real-time, visual positions and audible alarms to drivers if another vehicle or pedestrian is nearby.


Ensuring location information is always up to date, pedestrians clip a small tag onto their clothing while each unit carries its own transponder. The touchscreen display fitted with vehicles shows the location of other tags and assets. The system also records ‘near miss’ data; this allows for operations to review areas of risk.


Configurable to site requirements, zones can be created where different speeds, ranges or detection areas are used.


The easy-to-install system is agnostic to vehicle model or type. It can be integrated with traffic management systems, traffic lights, gates, crossroads, and more. Vehicles will react in real-time and immediately adapt to sudden changes in the environment without blocking the whole system and preventing unnecessary downtime.

  • Positioning with visual and sound alarms
  • Configuration via touchscreen
  • On-board central unit with event logging
  • All safety modules can be used
  • Geofencing: adapts to every environment