Hypergienic Rotary Valve

Nov. 6, 2019

Developed for food, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary processes, the Hypergienic rotary valves are machined from solid stainless steel in a proprietary, non-porous, self-draining design with polished internals and externals to eliminate the potential for contamination from trapped product and its associated bacterial growth.


To accommodate a diverse range of products and installations, the Hypergienic valves are available in a choice of two designs. The Hypergienic Easy Clean (HGMC) series valves invite quick cleaning and maintenance without special tools while the Fast Clean (HGMF) series valves are set on a sliding guide rail system to allow full access to the interior for complete cleaning without removal from the processing line. For Clean-In-Place (CIP) environments, the valves are offered with an FDA-compliant, double lip seal assembly and optional pharmaceutical seals to ensure secure connections among the valve, removable end covers, and inlet and outlet.


Gericke RotaVal designs, manufactures, inspects and tests the Hypergienic valves at the company's headquarters and ships ready for installation with a warranty. The valves may be custom-engineered with a variety of optional accessories to suit any environment.