Bosch's entry-level Pack 102 horizontal flow wrapper with light automation for the bakery industry stands out for its versatility and is able to wrap products of various sizes, such as cookies, crackers, croissants or other baked goods. It achieves an output of 150 packages per minute and features a corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel design for easy cleaning. 


The robot picks the products directly from two baking trays where about 15 cookies are placed on each baking sheet. It takes individual cookies off the sheet and places them into the infeed chain of Bosch's Pack 102 flow wrapper. Vision is used to find and place the products reliably into the infeed. When a product is broken, the robot is able to detect it and will not pick it up. As a result of the vacuum technology, products are handled very gently as they are picked from the baking sheets.