UNEX provides lineside workstations used in assembly operations to keep assembly parts, tools, and materials easily available to the worker. 


Assembly workers are spending too much time hunting down parts and products to replenish their workstations. Assembly workers are suffering from repetitive stress injuries or other work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Management is struggling to organize finished goods.

UNEX’s lean workstations integrate our industry-leading carton flow solutions with galvanized steel workbenches as well as overhead toolbars to hold all of the equipment needed for a task- while making sure reaching, bending, and other risky body movements are minimized by keeping parts and products easily within reach. Return lanes can flow empty totes or finished goods away from the operator for pickup by the material handling team. UNEX workstations are designed with lean manufacturing principles in mind and allow companies to effectively practice 5S and other workplace organizational processes. Customized to the inch and complemented with a slew of accessories, UNEX lean workstations are guaranteed to help employees work faster, more accurately, and safer.

Your assembly line is cluttered with inventory
Parts and products are not being clearly presented to assembly line workers.
You are struggling to implement FIFO rotation on the assembly line.


UNEX modular carton flow systems are designed specifically for individual applications to address the unique storage needs of manufacturing facilities. With a variety of presentation options like knuckles, trays, and adjustable elevations, a UNEX lineside rack can be optimized to make part picking faster, easier, and more accurate for assembly line workers.UNEX’s lineside racking solutions will help you dramatically condense and organize your parts and products to improve your space utilization and help you eliminate the clutter clogging up your assembly line.