LD-250 Mobile Robot Takes on Heavy Transports

Nov. 23, 2019

With a payload capacity of 250 kg, the LD-250 is the strongest addition to the LD series of mobile robots. Together with the Fleet Manager, which for the first time in the industry enables the control of multiple mobile robots with different payloads through one system, it will contribute to realizing a more flexible and optimized autonomous material transport system.


Factories worldwide are facing challenges in increasing the productivity and profitability of high-mix production with the decreasing workforce in industrialized nations and rising labor costs in emerging countries. The mobile robot LD series can autonomously avoid people and obstacles while automatically calculating the best routes to transport material.


The LD-250 mobile robot can be used to transport large components that would traditionally be moved by human workers using carts. To optimize the autonomous material transport system, customers will use OMRON's industry-first Fleet Manager, which can control a diverse fleet of up to 100 of OMRON's mobile robots that can consist of different payloads and capabilities, by conducting traffic management, battery management, and navigation of vehicles.


LD Mobile Robots are self-navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV) designed for transporting material in challenging environments that may include confined passageways as well as crowded locations. Unlike traditional autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs), these mobile robots require no modifications such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, saving users up to 15% in deployment costs. The LD includes Omron’s proprietary software and controls allowing it to intelligently navigate around people and unplanned obstacles that normally render traditional AGVs incapacitated. Designed for developers, integrators, and end-users the system can be customized for a variety of applications and payloads.