Robot Arm For Small Manufacturers

Dec. 9, 2019

The pr0t0n robot arm is now available for small manufacturers such as Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies with demanding high-mix/low volume business.


The robot is designed to work with skilled assemblers on their workbench and assists on high-precision tasks and works autonomously on repetitive tasks, freeing the skilled worker to manage one or more robots or address more difficult portions of the production process.


Programming is simplified to reduce the need for specialized programming. Skilled assemblers train the pr0t0n robot arm using a familiar game controller, keyboard, and CAD files for precision tasks. Training can be shared among a number of local robots, or transmitted to remote locations, or saved for future use.


Typical uses for the pr0t0n robot arm are repeated tasks such as dispensing material, applying peelable mask or conformal coat mask, torque driving screw and bolts, soldering, parts binning, precision pick and place, product packaging, and small product assembly.


The first use and design for the robot was to meet the requirements of Axiom Electronics, an EMS company specializing in low volume manufacturing that uses a high mix of components in each assembly. High volume manufacturers have access to many different production automation machines, but smaller, low volume manufacturers remain constrained by their use of trained assemblers, many of whom are aging out of a workforce where younger assemblers are not available.