Match Hose Materials to Pumped Fluids

Oct. 11, 2019

Immersion Samples offer a unique way of matching Bredel hose material to the actual fluid being pumped as a way to optimize pump life and efficiency.  Matching the peristaltic hose material to the pumped fluid can reduce downtime, cut production costs, and save energy in pumping operations that involve viscous and abrasive fluids.


WMFTG has made available five new hose material immersion sample packs for Bredel and APEX pump users, a move that is thought to be an industry first. Bredel pump users are now able to choose the correct chemically compatible hose material, ensuring long hose life, repeatable flow rates, and greater uptime in their process.


Each Bredel hose features precision-machined natural rubber on the outside, with intermediate compound layers, and bonded by multiple nylon cord reinforcements to add strength and flexibility. However, it is the important inner hose material that must be selected to match the fluid. Bredel hose bore materials include NR, NR Endurance, EPDM, NBR/NBR for Food, F-NBR, and CSM. Each material has its own attributes for abrasion resistance, along with differing suitability for oils and greases, acids, alcohols, strong oxidizing products, and many other substances.


WMFTG sample packs carry complete hose material data, including temperature resistance as well as instructions for immersion tests.


The packs are another step to reinforce the strengths of the Bredel peristaltic hose pump range and reinforce WMFTG’s guaranteed support for customers at every stage of pump and hose selection in the environmental, food and beverage, chemical, mining, and other process industries.