Iris CM expands the use of the revolutionary IRIS platform technology powered by Motion Amplification to new applications focused on solving the industry's toughest problems, diagnosing and fixing the things that go bump in the night.


The Iris CM is a continuous monitoring camera solution that allows users to monitor an asset with three different cameras over an extended period of time. In Machine Condition Monitoring, solving the root cause is critical to avoid downtime and expensive repairs. The Iris CM enables users to visualize what is happening with their equipment live, set triggers to record events that happen when they aren't around, extract data in the past from the continuous recording loop, and analyze the data to solve the root cause for both acute and chronic problems. Events such as startups and shutdowns can be captured without having to be at the machine or coordinate with operations. And when it does go bump in the night, setting off an alarm, there will be no need to go to the asset to see what happened. The Iris CM can also be moved from one asset to another, making it a critical and cost-effective tool.