Transport and Positioning Perfected

Oct. 7, 2019
With its linear motor-driven transfer system, Bosch Rexroth serves a wide variety of work specifications.


For the highly dynamic transport and exact positioning of materials and workpieces, linear motor-driven transfer systems are an ideal choice. Bosch Rexroth is enriching this market segment with innovative solutions that can meet the specific requirements of series and special machine manufacturers alike. With its modular concept and moving magnet design, Rexroth’s flexible transport system (FTS) can be scaled to the application and provides a high degree of freedom in the design by removing the moving cables.


As a modular system based on components, the FTS can be easily integrated into systems and machines. This offers the user full flexibility, both in the size and scale in the selection of motors and drives, as well as the programming of individual and synchronized motion. With its contactless drive, the intelligent system can adapt to a number of different production conditions. 


Refined from its original development in 2005 for particle-free transport in the solar deposition process, the proven FTS is compatible with today’s in-line manufacturing systems. Through its magnetic principle of operation, the FTS is an option to meet extreme requirements in a high vacuum, since all the electronics are located outside the vacuum. The FTS can also operate with high precision in dusty and dirty environments. This makes it attractive for many applications, ranging from semiconductor and display manufacturing to battery production, where the FTS demonstrates its special handling characteristics and easily copes with a wide range of moving loads from a few grams up to 1,000 kg per carrier. Combined with highly repeatable accuracy and speeds up to 5 m/s with a velocity ripple of a maximum of 2% at 20 mm/s, the FTS is optimally equipped for a variety of industries.


Another unique feature of the FTS is its motion control functionality and suitability for low-speed use, such as coating processes. Whether it’s used in a clean room, vacuum, with noble gasses, high temperatures or in chemical areas, the Rexroth FTS addresses a variety of transport and handling tasks.