Continental Fan’s MNC Mixed Flow Cooling Fans are designed for exceptionally quiet and rapid heat dissipation. MNC Fans utilize the high capacity ‘MF’ mixed flow impeller, incorporating an adjustable blade geometry to provide a wide range of performance options. Designed with the latest computer-aided technology, MNC Fans have ‘non-stall’ airflow properties and are ideal for electric cabinet cooling, clean room modules, dust collection, refrigeration equipment and more.


MNC Fans have medium-pressure capabilities and are available in eight sizes that can produce airflows to 20,000 cfm. Custom mounting arms and special OEM designs are available to accommodate most applications. Standard NEMA motors are used so that the fans can be connected to independent control systems.

  • High capacity ‘MF’ mixed flow impellers
  • Exceptionally quiet, rapid heat dissipation
  • Compact, efficient & non-overloading
  • Multiple blade settings available
  • Custom mounting arrangements available
  • Standard NEMA motors
  • Nine sizes available
  • Capacities to 20,000 cfm