Leak Detector Protects Food Safety

Oct. 25, 2019

Contura S600 leak detector reliably and cost-effectively tests larger products, products sold for bulk retail, foodservice and large-format Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), and flexible packages. Capable of detecting both gross and fine leaks, the system helps food manufacturers extend shelf life, prevent recalls and returns and reduce waste. Its large chamber 24” x 22” allows large packages to be tested individually or multiple smaller packages to be tested simultaneously. 


The Contura S600 relies on a proprietary differential pressure method to offer a faster, easier and quantifiable alternative to water baths and gas-based testing. It is ideal for brands with large diameter packages in their portfolio or those with a wide variety of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Pet food, coffee, meat and poultry, baked goods, snack foods, confectionery/candy, cheese, grains and cereals, prepared food and produce are all well-suited for the technology.


The S600 is the latest edition to the leak detection range, joining the S400 model which is geared toward small to medium-sized packages. To test for leaks, food manufacturers place the package between two unique membranes that create a conformal vacuum chamber which is quickly evacuated. The gas flows through any package leaks into the chamber where it causes an increase in pressure. INFICON’s patented high precision vacuum gauges measure this change to calculate the package’s leak rate and delivers results in seconds. Results are reported via an easy-to-read display screen. Distinctive red and green LED lights incorporated into the machine’s acrylic lid also communicate if a leak has been detected. All results are reproducible.


The Contura S600 can be easily integrated into any manufacturing environment. It is gas independent, eliminating the need for adjustments to production lines. In addition, the stainless-steel housing and dirt-resistant protective cap help satisfy various hygiene requirements. The company’s technical support staff can help manufacturers adopt the Contura S600 to suit their specific needs and determine the acceptable leak rate range, which varies depending on the product being packaged.