Eliminate Cost With Quick-Latch Splice Bar

Aug. 12, 2017

Designed to reduce labor in the field, the Wire-Basket Quick-Latch is a great way to eliminate cost, labor, and time when splicing parts together.


Technicians must first ensure each end is cleaned of burrs, then place two wire baskets up against each other. They can then slide the Quick-Latch on one end and with the use of a pair of pliers, crimp down the hooks. No additional hardware or tools are required on the job site, and Quick-Latch’s one-size-fits-all design reduces confusion and the need for additional parts. Sold individually, the Quick-Latch is most often used in sets of two.


The Quick-Latch is UL-approved as a grounding path with the use of the CAT-GCs on either side of the splice if the cable tray is being used as an EGC. Though applicable to any wire basket application, the Quick-Latch is particularly useful in data centers and rooftop applications.