Multi-Wireless Modem Offers One Integrated Solution

Aug. 27, 2019
Laird's multi-wireless modem combines LTE CAT-M1 & NB-IoT and Bluetooth 5 with Cortex M4F into a single, certified integrated platform.

A multi-wireless modem that combines the benefits of low-power cellular LTE connectivity and Bluetooth 5 technology into one fully-integrated solution provides a unique combination that enables new use cases using low-cost, long-range Bluetooth sensors all connected to the next-generation LTE network in a much simpler and lower cost solution architecture.


The Pinnacle 100 seamlessly incorporates a powerful Cortex M4F controller running a hostless Zephyr RTOS-based software implementation, complete Bluetooth 5 functionality, and LTE CAT- M1/NB-IoT capabilities - all fully certified from a radio regulatory, cellular and network carrier perspective. This intelligent modem additionally provides complete antenna flexibility, including pre-integrated embedded and external options such as Laird's Revie Flex LTE and NB-IoT antenna.


This unique combination of capabilities simplifies common use cases like using a smartphone to configure and create an LTE connection in a product. It also enables new use cases combining multiple long-range meshed Bluetooth sensors connected to the Cloud over the evolving global low-power LTE network. Bridging Bluetooth sensors to a single intelligent LTE device allows customers to optimize sensor coverage and manage cellular data with simple, low-cost architecture, not to mention decrease time-to-market and deliver real-time insights.


The Pinnacle 100 will be the only embedded multi-wireless solution on the market to have a pre-integrated, low-cost embedded antenna option. Yet, Laird still offers the flexibility for external antennas, including Laird's Revie Flex LTE & NB-IoT and FlexPIFA antennas. The ReviFlex is a highly-efficient PCB antenna that is a great option for companies that need an embedded antenna with a combination of flexibility, an omnidirectional pattern and multiple frequency bands. It integrates seamlessly with your design and provides world-class efficiency in the broadest variety of wireless IoT environments.


Multiple low-cost development kits will be available to simplify application development and provide everything required for initial evaluation right out of the box including a standalone Bluetooth 5 environmental sensor, a SIM card with free data, a companion smartphone app for provisioning, and a complete end-to-end demo to see your Bluetooth sensor data in the cloud in minutes.