Directional Drill Packs Power

Oct. 1, 2019
Ditch Witch's newest drill delivers powerful pullback while minimizing footprint in urban and residential areas.

The evolution of Ditch Witch horizontal directional drills (HDD) continues with the launch of its newest drill, the JT24. Compact and powerful, the JT24 offers best-in-class stability and modern design for ease of use in congested urban and residential jobsites.


Equipped with a 101-gross horsepower, Tier 4- and European Stage 5-compliant Cummins diesel engine, the JT24 packs a punch with unbeatable power. The unit also offers 24,000 lb. of thrust and pullback while still maintaining a small footprint, offering outstanding performance on a wide range of urban and residential gas, fiber and other utility installations. A new hydraulic platform utilizes leading technology to maximize drilling efficiency and conserve horsepower for where it matters most – downhole.


The JT24 is designed with a wider frame than competitive units, offering best-in-class stability without sacrificing maneuverability in tight urban environments, so you can confidently traverse uneven terrain and city curbs. And with its small footprint, it can easily be towed from one jobsite to another.


With a class-leading maximum carriage speed of 216 fpm, the machine enhances jobsite productivity by decreasing cycle times and increasing uptime. It also holds up to 400 ft of drill pipe onboard, allowing for longer bores on the job and increasing return on investment.


The machine’s modern, next-generation design follows the same evolution of the latest Ditch Witch directional drills to enhance operator comfortability and ease operator use and training.