Billions of dollars in assets are lost every year by the military due to corrosion. Many factors are considered when evaluating corrosion prevention as it is necessary to maintain a corrosion control and prevention strategy that is efficient yet economical. Over the years, various methods of corrosion prevention have been adopted by the military. New strategies are continually being developed and evaluated for effective corrosion control.


Utilizing VpCI® technology has shown to be one of the most effective methods throughout the years.Cortec® offers another corrosion prevention solution to its professional MilCorr® line of products used by military personnel globally. This heavy-duty film with superior mechanical properties features Cortec’s multi-metal Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, flame retardant additives, and UV (Ultra Violet) inhibitors. It is successfully used not only for the military, but also for the preservation of other various types of industrial equipment. MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film provides a top-notch universal protection system to maintain the integrity of the film itself, as well as the parts packaged within. It reduces the costs of protection and extends asset life. MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film, in conjunction with other Cortec® products, provides total turnkey preservation for long term outdoor storage. With MilCorr® products, preservation costs may be decreased by 40-60% according to well-documented data for deep storage and preservation of military vehicles and equipment. The savings of millions of dollars in hazardous waste generation is also a part of this data. This safe, multi-functional film can replace conventional rust preventatives, such as oils and desiccants while extending equipment life. Parts protected with MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film are ready to use with no additional cleaning or degreasing necessary, saving customers time and money by eliminating extra processing steps.


Metal parts packaged in MilCorr® FR VpCI® Shrink Film receive continuous multi-metal, contact, barrier, and vapor-phase protection against salt air and humid environments, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres, and dissimilar metal corrosion. The VpCI® vaporizes and condenses on all metal surfaces within the enclosed space and diffuses to every area of your part; protecting its exterior as well as void spaces and recessed areas. Complete product storage protection as well as during domestic and overseas shipments is provided, eliminating any rust claims and allowing immediate use of protected object upon removal. MilCorr® FR VpCI Shrink Film conforms to military specification MIL-B-22019D, NACE Standards RP0487-2000, and TMO-2008. It passes NFPA 701-2010 “Fire Test for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films”, Test #2-Flat Sheet Specimens.


Typical applications are

  • Military vehicles and equipment preservation
  • Mothball preservation of industrial equipment
  • Export packaging of expensive larger equipment
  • Heavy equipment covers
  • Recreational vehicle preservation (boats, snowmobiles, etc.)
  • Pallet shrouds


Militaries and their contractors are increasingly testing, identifying, and approving VpCI® products as a successful means of protection. Corrosion prevention, being the ultimate goal, is not enough in this day and age. The safety of military personnel, environment, elimination of hazardous waste disposal and labor costs make VpCI® technology number one choice for the military industry. The efficiency and ease of application along with the benefit of non-removal makes Cortec’s VpCI® technology the most desirable corrosion protection solution available today.